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Patikakert has begun due to personal reasons: as even though following a considerably healthy diet and lifestyle, insulin resistance persisted, micronutrients came into closer focus. This is how we found the fruits richest in valuable anthocyanins: berries –which we use to produce Polifenol Active.

When is it advisable to consume Polifenol Active?

  • in case of hidden inflammations (and/or increased CRP level), e.g. problems with cardiovascular system, etc.
  • to strengthen your immune system
  • in case of insulin resistance or diabetes
  • PCOS
  • lack of energy
  • dementia
  • in case of disturbance in the hormone system
  • gastrointestinal deseases or skin problems
  • obesity
  • to balance today’s poorly nutritive diet

What effects does Polifenol Active have?

  • due to its high anthocyanin content it is beneficial to blood sugar level
  • it decreases inflammations in our bodies
  • it has a favourable effect to our hormone system (it increases adiponectin level and it decreases resistin level)
  • it helps in balancing body weight
  • it helps in charging your energy levels
  • it helps in regaining the physical balance of your body

Why is it different from other, similar products?

  • it contains the fruits with the most ideal micronutrients (fitonutriens)
  • it is very rich in fibre and contains a very low amount of natural sugars, therefore it is compatible with diabetic and insulin resistance diets
  • we do not use any chemicals to speed up the ripening process or for any other purpose, we harvest the fruits one by one with the highest composition possible
  • we only use plants grown by ourselves
  • we do not refine fruits and we do not add any synthetic material to them
  • thanks to this every active substance remains in the fruit!

How is Polifenol Active produced?

  • we handle each and every process from cultivation, through processing to selling in a carefully supervised way, with great care
  • we do not force the plants to overproduce
  • we harvest each berry gently by hand

How should Polifenol Active be consumed?

  • due to its highly concentrated nature, two small spoonfuls are sufficient per day
  • regular intake is advised

There are two types of Polifenol Active:


With each phial we send you a reusable fancy-box and a little spoon :-)


Our berries:


black currant

serviceberry (Amelanchier)

black raspberry

red currant

cornelian cherry

blue-berried honeysuckle

sour cherry (a special type called ’Carmine Jewel’)